Best things to do in Marrakech during your trip

Marrakech is a vibrant city fizzing with energy. You can find alleyways and colorful souks unfurling from the main square. This Red City has lots to offer the desert landscapes, street performers, Berber villages, lush gardens, and tea culture. On this blog post you will find 8 unforgettable things to do when traveling to Marrakech. The best things to do in Marrakech during your trip are:

things to do in Marrakech

Quad bike - Sahara

The Sahara Desert and its rippling dunes can be traversed on a camel, by foot, or by 4WD. It is a great place to visit and explore using a quad bike on this rough terrain. The arid landscapes are the best way of enjoying the Desert.

Labyrinthine Medina

Medina features a maze of souks and alleys. Each section has local specialties such as silver, leather, ironwork, and crafts. You just can lose yourself on the way of exploring among the passageways. The leather slippers, the pottery, spices, and the perforated lanterns, lamps, and so on are sure to keep you exploring for more. The Berber woven carpets and rugs are not-to-miss, the shops around Souk for lanterns, pottery, and metalwork, and Kissaria for fabrics and clothes. You must be ready to haggle and it is fun in the souks.

Courtyard riad

Marrakech has an open-air courtyard in its traditional riad making it the best preferable place to stay. It has intricate tiles, ornately carved wood, and swirling stucco. There are fountain-dotted courtyards and a swimming pool and some riads feature original Arabic mosaics and a hammam.

Visit the tanneries

The tanneries give you an insight into everything from the starting scents to the dyes and the market cacophony calls. The leather bags or dresses are hand-dyed and are worth buying the finished products.

Climb the Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains is a great pursuit outdoor. There are other things such as cycling, hiking, or horse riding as the ways to wind through peaks. You can opt for any activity of your choice and you will enjoy the Berber villages. Visitors coming here aim to reach the Atlas Summit. While reaching the summit enjoy traditional Moroccan dishes and you can also watch birds such as golden eagles, and falcons.

Windswept Marrakech beach

Marrakech beach is ideal for windsurfing as it is a windy city. If you love to spend time at the beach, take a break from your work and city to relax on the Atlantic coast.

Chase waterfalls

For respite from the heat, you need not go all the way to Marrakech beach. You can find secluded waterfalls in the mountain shelter. Ourika valley is one hour drive to the south of Marrakech and is popular for its Setti Fatma cascading falls and cool temperature. There is Ouzoud Falls to the east among the Atlas Mountains. It is a 2.5-hour drive from Marrakech city. Whatever, you cannot miss this best thing to do in Marrakech. Combine your visit to waterfalls with hiking or a boat trip, you will have a memorable experience.

Hot air balloon

A ride in a hot air balloon is to skim about the rooftops of the city. It is to watch the minaret-studded skyline and the serpentine alleys to watch giving way to hazy mountains and dune-swept desert landscape. Every moment in the hot air balloon is a romantic getaway.

Lush gardens

Exotic gardens are the pride of Marrakech. Jardin Majorelle is famous and colorful, but the Menara Garden is also a must-see garden. You can find a large pool enveloped by olive trees and the Agdal Gardens of the Royal Palace has many hidden pools among the fruit trees and olive groves.

Tea culture

Moroccan culture has the traditional Mint tea. It is a sweet drink. The brew offers panoramic vistas that you can see the Atlas Mountains from the Zwin Zwin café rooftop terrace and Café Guerrab overlooking the Djemaa el Fna carnival while enjoying Moroccan dishes. You cannot go from here without sipping the Mint tea. The drink is a part of the Marrakech hospitality. The Mint tea has a combination of black tea leaves, sugar for sweetness, and fresh mint. This is an integral part of the dining culture and is refreshing. You are sure to be offered in any place you stop to drink or for a bite to eat.

things to do when in Marrakech

Shopping at the souks

In Marrakech, inside the souk traders, stalls are on both sides and people walk in the center. The experience of visiting a souk is different. You can find everything here right from the pottery to an array of goods and spices. Come prepared to haggle and enjoy the best bargain. You will not feel like coming out of the souks without buying a handful of goods.

Know the History

The past of Marrakech is interesting that you will want to know more about its history. This unique city offers a lot to experience and the museums are the right place revealing you a lot about the history of this city. The Museum of Marrakech and the smaller museums in the city reveal the past trading activities. It shows the communities that lived here and the brilliant architecture. Know the history of this city by going on a guided tour.

Tuck into Tagine

In Marrakech, tagines especially do the cooking. The foods in Moroccan are simple but they are cooked in earthen pots. It is the reason you can see tagine with every menu in each restaurant in Marrakech. It is a dish that is cooked slowly and has all the ingredients, while it features fruit and vegetables mixed with water, spices in plenty, and sometimes meat is added.

Walk around

Marrakech has surrounding magnificent walls around Medina and it was built to safeguard the city inhabitants. It is thick by 2 meters, high by 9 meters, and the length is 20km. today you can walk as a tour around the wall parts and you will be astonished to see the magnificent structure.

Hammam Ritual

In Marrakech, you can see taps and buckets open for treatment. In Marrakech, a ritual is to experience a hammam. It will give you an invigorated and refreshed feeling. The public bathhouses are numerous and so are the spas offering the ritual. Thus you enjoy soaking in a steam room or a pool, while followed by a massage and cleanse. Book a massage experience and enjoy the spa.

Admire Mosques

Mosques the prayer halls in the city are many that you can see more than hundreds in the city. The magnificent part is that in Medina the Koutoubia Mosque is the largest and is from the 12th century. The beauty of the mosque is worth watching from outside and there is no access to enter these worship places.

Relax in Paradise Garden

In Marrakech, you will find a bustling city center having beautiful gardens with a blue fountain amidst exotic plants. Symbols of paradise are the Gardens and one such iconic garden is the Majorelle Gardens and the Yves Saint Laurent. The Agdal Gardens is also impressively located in the Royal Palace grounds. The Menara Gardens are also one of the best that offers views of the Atlas Mountains. These Gardens are open up to 5 pm from 8 am, with free entrance. It is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Jemaa El Fna Square

In Marrakech, Medina central square Jemmaa el Fnaa is popular among tourists and locals. The best time to visit is in the dusk as the area comes to life with amazing food stalls and entertainers.

There are caged monkeys, snake charmers, and men walking with birds of prey and falcons to take a photo. Do not fall prey to such attractions.

Desert visit

Morocco’s visit without a visit to the Desert is incomplete. Go to the sand dunes at least as a half-day tour or combine with a sunset camel ride or a buggy off-road adventure; it is very special in the desert.

Explore Medina

Medina in Marrakech is a fascinating city center featuring stalls along the walls. It has historic parts worth exploring, but you may get lost as the area is bustling and the winding streets may take you away. You can find different smells and an array of sights.

Stay in a Riad

Morocco Marrakech has a guesthouse in a unique style, a Riad. A Riad is found in Medina and it is the right place to stay. There are plunge pools, rooftop gardens and it offers spectacular views.

Travel Alert

Wandering Medina is interesting and someone will ask if you require help in directions. They will show the direction saying they need nothing and just want to help you. If you accept their helping offer, you will be taken into the winding streets. They will take you to their friend’s shops and will compel or indulge you into buying things. The wise move is to leave them alone. Do not entertain their help. They may also come up with some sob story and you cannot get away without paying them money. It is best to politely avoid them by declining the help offers.

Just to conclude,

Don't forget to make some beautiful art tours of Marrakesh, Morocco with local people. Thanks to them you will be able to see the main beautiful place, palace, jardin and even participate in some cooking classes of two hours in the media of Marrakesh.

Day by day, you will learn to travel to Morocco as a real Moroccan. The first thing to do is to take order some food tour and visit the country to read and see amazing main attractions such as : the Museum of Marrakesh, palaces, Art Museum, centuries and more. Don't hesitate to take the time to read the information on the main wall of the palace of art.