Be it an arrival or a departure, reservations are made in two fun and easy steps. You can start this procedure by an availability search with only three criteria and it will instantly display the price including all taxes. The second step comprises of a form which the traveler can fill in with enough information so to finalize the reservation. Once the reservation is validated, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to your email address provided with a confirmation link.

It is best to carefully read the confirmation email and verify all the information attached (Time, place of pickup, destination, address and other requested extras). It is important that all the travelers understand the details related to our transfer so everything would go really smoothly. It is also our duty to inform you that no payment is required when booking online. The payment is basically made (in cash) directly to our collaborator right after you arrive to the destination, do not worry about any extra charges from our collaborator because the price that we have sent you in the email will stay the same, there will be no surprises.


Taking a shuttle or a private taxi when you arrive in the vibrant city of Marrakech is an experience that can shape your first impression of this red city. It can be either good or bad because the whole atmosphere is different so it is easy to misunderstand many things about the city itself, its services and also its inhabitants. A tourist’s stay can turn into a complete in just few seconds if for example he was not greeted properly. That is why it is our responsibility to guide you and advice you to take the most suitable way for the transfer from the airport; the traveler’s comfort is very important for us, we also consider it a goal for us to help the traveler grow more confident and comfortable, this is what relatively contributes to a smooth progression which will eventually lead to the success of the trip. We want our travelers to make the best out of their trip to Marrakech and never miss a chance to fully experience the true authentic and splendid charm of the city.

Luxury Tours Morocco worked day and night to achieve the desirable results that we see now. They started by highlighting the most important aspect by recruiting professional and experienced drivers, these latter are considered collaborators before anything else; they are supposed to greet the travelers with a smiling face and treat them with respect. We made sure to train our employees well and provide them with enough training in order to reach the level of perfection we desire, they are well informed on good behavior, good service and most importantly the best ways to deal with customer requests and wishes. These employees are assigned to answer all your questions and help you whenever you ask them.

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The location of Marrakech Menara Airport is really advantageous; it promises fast and short transfers to any destination you desire to go to. You will be provided with transfers or shuttles which never exceed 30 minutes since all the districts and neighborhoods of this ocher city are within easy reach from the airport. The disposition of the Hiyernage district’Hotel zone in Marrakech) also offers access to many straight transportation lines and they only take about 10 to 15 minutes from the airport. You don’t have to worry about anything because you will be provided with a great service and the people in Marrakech are extra friendly as well.

The ancient part of the city also called the medina is considered a great attraction; it is where 50% of the guest houses of Marrakech are located. When you arrive to the Medina; which is only about a few minutes from the airport, you will instantly feel the cultural difference which is very striking, it almost feels like going back in time because of its old and exotic beauty and its narrow alleys, these small paths usually do not allow the access of vehicles to the receptions of these houses, and for that reason, hotel managers offer travelers a warm welcome in well-known and easily accessible areas.


The travelers’ safety is our top priority that is why we trained our drivers to respect certain principles. Our drivers have undergone extensive training on good driving behavior, punctuality, honesty and hard work. Our collaborators are very helpful and trustworthy; they will provide you with recommendations and advices about the destinations you wish to visit. We bring to your knowledge that Luxury tours Morocco has invested heavily in the insurance services and takes this matter very seriously, it does not neglect any civil protection measure. Our vehicles are new and spacious, we also make sure that technical and mechanical checks are rigorously maintained. It is very essential for us to inform our travelers about the weather forecast that is why we have a system that keeps us always up-to-date with the news. Because the safety and well-being of travelers is incredibly important, we equipped our vehicles with mobile pharmacy kits and facilities, our employees have also undergone took basic first aid training courses, so in case of an emergency, our professional staff will take over and ensure the security and comfort of all the travelers.


When booking online the traveler can ask for a roundtrip transfer, this type of offers is often displayed at the site with interesting prices. The traveler is also responsible for requesting the pick-up for the return; he is in charge of specifying the information during the reservation or he can simply call us in case of any change in plans during the stay. You can cancel the reservation of the return for free only if requested more than 48 hours before the time of the given return transfer.

The traveler can always leave his opinion about the Luxury Tours Morocco services via the different social media sites (Tripadvisor, facebook, twitter...) or directly via our email account. You can contact us and call us through our telephone number for any further questions; one more detail; our official site is made available 24/7, do not hesitate to send us your questions, we will make sure to answer them as accurate as possible.